July 3, 1963 -- July 1994

Checked into Ankara on the 2nd of July 1963. l Left Det 30 on the 5th. by plane to Samsun Then by convoy to Sinop. The ride on the convoy was 150 kilometers. The fist 50 kilometers was paved but the last 100 kilometers was a dirt road.

I was assigned by MSGT Haven of Personnel to Crypto Maintenance on 8th July `1963. Also on that day I tested and qualified to drive a M38, M37 and a M35 Trucks. On Sept 01, 1963 I was appointed to a temp Grade of SP5, orders had 1st Lt E. S. Wilson name on them and they were signed by A.W. Hoover WO W-1. Sept 15th was Unit Day, (be sure in read the letter from the Commander.)

Club Card

On Oct 28, 1963, I left the Hill for a appointment in Ankara. Their they sent me on to Germany's Landstuhl Hospital. That was some ride on the Medical Evac Plane on departing Athens Airport the our plane hit another plane and we broke a wing tip. We had to wait a couple of days for parts to come from Germany. After take off on the way to Tripoli we lost one engine and we made a emergency landing on the Island of Crete after a few hours we left and stopped in Tripoli while they replaced the bad engine. Then while crossing the Alps we lost pressure and we had to use the air masks that came down. I left there on Nov 14, 1963, at which time I took a 11 day leave. I was with my German friend Karl in Grunstadt when Presdent Kennedy was killed.

Pay Scales

I came home for Christmas that year and I missed having Christmas Dinner with Bob Hope. Bob came to the Hill, He didn't do a show just had Dinner with the troops. That winter we had a lot of snow. It did remind me of Minnesota. We got snowed in for a couple of days and the convoy never made it in with rations. The site out on the point got snowed it also. The snow plow got stuck in the snow. When I heard that the guys out at the point had no food, I went to the Mess Hall and pick up some sandwiches and walked out to the site my tools to get the KY-1 working. They were sure happy to see me. I stayed overnight, the snow plow got in the next day and I got a ride back on it.

My Gate Pass

This assignment was a turning point of my life, I quite drinking while on the Hill. That was the best thing I could have done. I worked in the Comm Center, and I started working on the KY-1, which was a voice crypto machine that most people didn't understand. It was built with tubes. They were a big headache as they never worked. One day while going through some messages from HQ about the equipment I ran across one that said to replace all the green resistors with brown ones or was it brown with green, whatever, it worked. The old resistors put out too much heat and the machine would just shut down. The were built into a safe, but they were always ran open and pulled out. Now after cleaning them and changing the resistors I was able to put them back into the safes and lock them up.

We were not allowed to look, take pictures or talk to the Turkish women. I had two friends who went out in a mail bag. One was alive but the other one was in pieces, he has a Turkish friend who allowed him to use his wife, but something went wrong and he was killed. The other one made it back to the post and was put into a mail bag and was flown out.

I worked the midnight shift most of the time I was on the Hill. I always liked that omelet in the Mess Hall. Maybe I would catch a movie before I went to work. Near the end of my tour I was put in charge of Comm Center Maintenance that put me into a E-6 slot. So when they told me they were going to extend me for a couple of months I say ok. But then they transferred an E-6 from Ankara and he was to be there for a few months so I asked to leave after staying about a month over my year.


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