Train to Kaiserslautern

May 19 - 20, 1967


I can still remember the band playing for us as we disembarked from the ship

We were transferred from ship to the train right on the dock and were transported directly to Frankfurt. We slept on the train and had a breakfast of fresh eggs in a box car the next morning. In the Bahnhof in Frankfurt, it was a little difference to see a Putzfrau (cleaning lady)|walking around in the mens restroom while we used the urinal. We then reboarded the train and went on to Kaiserslautern.

After a 9-day voyage from Brooklyn Army Terminal across the Atlantic to Bremerhaven Port of Embarkation. We got off the ship and boarded a nearby military train, pulled by a steam locomotive of the German Bundesbahn (Federal Railways), that took us the 375 miles south to my new garrison, Kleber Kaserne at Kaiserslautern.

Frankfurt Bahnhof

Kaiserslautern Bahnhof


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