USA Signal Service Company APO 227

1957 - 1958


The Walk Gate is under the Tower

I was stationed at Kleber Kaserne and worked in a repair depot on Panzer Kaserne. We repaired Radio's, TTY, and Field Telephone equipment. When I came in after drinking all night, would tell the SGT that I would work on the MP Car. I would then crawl in and sleep until noon. After SP5 Bales, work order clerk left, I took over his job, working on the Work Order Desk.

During Fire Prevention Week of 1957, I took a PA System mounted on a Van to the AFFES Depot in Grünstadt, which is on the Autobahnen between K-Town and Mannheim , to help with the activities at the Depot. Karl Jöckle was one of two firemen at the Depot. We became friends and are still today. We have seen each others family grow up, and their children grow up. Karl died in 2005.

On the 8th of February 1959 I was put on TDY to Bad Kreuzmach and Worms Germany to Officiate in the WACOM company Level Basketball Chamionships. I was awarded a gold medal for outstanding officiating.

My best friend SP5 Larry Forrest from Jasper, Georgia, and myself rented a VW and went to Rome for a couple of weeks, I did a lot of traveling while in Germany. My first Christmas in Germany, 1956, was spent in Italy, on a Bus Tour.


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