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The Signal School


Fixed Cryptographic Repair Course

May 6, 1960 --- Oct 21 1960


I was given a 30 day leave when I left Fort Leonard Wood. I didn't go to Minnesota instead I went to New Jersey. I rented an apartment and went to a grocery store outside of Fort Monmouth and told them I had experience working in the produce department They hired me as the department manager. I worked there until my leave was up.

There was another Lake there and his name was Bob and we had a lot of fun with the First Sgt and the Mess Sgt they couldn't tell us apart. When the First Sgt made up the KP roster he only put last names on so we decided who was going in for KP. When we had KP the other one would come in have a cup of coffee and mess Sgt would get on us because we weren't working and we would tell the other one working the back and he would go check.

Bob got married before I left and went up to Rode Island with him to be his best Man, we partied too much and he couldn't get me up in the morning, yes I missed the wedding. When we came back we brought his new wife and they moved into our apartment with us until I left for Korea. Apartments were hard to find and the landlord never knew as long as I was there.


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