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The Signal School

Field Radio Repair

Nov 2, 1956 - May 9 1957

Sig Crest
Sig Crest
Radio Sig Crest

Our first weekend was spent on KP. The five of us got off early, so we went into New York City. We stopped a guy on the street asked him where the best place to. He told up to jump on the subway and we did and ended up in Harlen. That must have been quite a sight to see four white and one black GI in Uniform. We had no trouble and had a great time. We even seen a robbery in progress in a Drug Store.

Spent alot of time in Asbury Park on the Boardwalk and under it. There was a Amusement Park set up with a roof over it and the ferris wheel comming out the top of the roof.

I remember that one weekend we told two German Solders in Uniform and went to a Jewish dance of young people, needless to say we didn't stay there very long. As so I spent alot of off duty time roller skating.

I had an SP4 Joseph Gardner in my company, he was from Lockport, NY. He had a car, so it helped getting me off post, also one weekend he took me home with him up to Lockport, NY.

Sp4 Gardner's car

Blue Jay Diner

The Blue Jay Diner was just out side the main gate. Spend many an hour in there.

I attended the Field Radio Repair Course (296.10). On 9 May 1957 I completed and was on orders for Germany.

In my class was:

PVT Jesse M. Bumgardner  
PVT Michael J. Collins   
PVT Lawrence M. Fujlmoto 
PVT Richard H. Greene    
PVT Ernest J. Jordan     
PVT Clifford J. Smithson 
PVT Gene L. Wilkins      


Asbury Park Boardwalk
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